The pandemic that suddenly appeared in 2020 which has not yet been completed, has had an impact on almost all business sectors. One of them is a business in the fashion sector which is also affected by the pandemic. Activities in the fashion industry that are affected are fashion shows. In fact, at the beginning of the pandemic, several fashion weeks that should have been held in some cities in the world had to end in the middle or some even failed. It is a big problem for the fashion industry to be able to present and show their work to many people. Therefore, as a step to overcome this problem, several fashion industries hold virtual fashion shows. This is indeed not easy but this show is the right and effective solution to do during this pandemic.

As is known, in a fashion show, of course, there will be lots of parties that must be present starting from the models, designers, stylists, make-up artists, stage stylists, audience, guests and even there is much other equipment needed for fashion events. shows. During a pandemic like this, of course, it is impossible to gather so many people in one area because there will be a huge potential for the spread of the virus. Therefore, the fashion show which is broadcast digitally is one of the right alternatives so that it can still be held during this pandemic.

This method has been widely used by brands with luxury fashion brands. They are not only in fashion shows who have started using virtual methods, but they have also started collaborating with blockchain digital agency, which will make it easier for the fashion industry owners in terms of marketing. Meanwhile, from the consumer side, they will find it easy to get the fashion trends they want.

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