High levels of stress, will trigger our bodies to do more activities than usual. Especially our brains will work harder. So it is not uncommon when they are experiencing high enough stress that many people experience migraines or headaches and even often feel nauseous. Therefore, adequate vitamin supplements are needed to balance the condition of the body. And avoid various kinds of symptoms of the disease. In a health study, it was found that one of the triggers for cancer cells in the body is excessive stress. Of the various kinds of problems earlier, try to find a large enough portion of our time. That’s where we can identify the things that make us stressed. After knowing this, we will take problem-solving steps with spiritual retreat to help you relieve anxiety about the source of your problem.

For example, we have too many demands and work targets, so of course, we will become more stressed if we haven’t finished the job. So focus and get the job done. Henceforth, look for things that can make you relax after completing the work. Try to make our lives more comfortable in dealing with stress. Try to get enough rest so that our bodies also have plenty of time to rest. By getting enough rest, it will make us better prepared to face and find solutions to problems that can cause stress. Last is to make a priority scale. Stress can strike us at any time. And even more dangerous, stress can attack us at the same time. So many problems will make our mind and body tired.

For example, we face a deadline in the company that must be completed on time while our material or work is still not ready to be completed, plus financial problems or it could be that our family members are sick at the same time. Conditions like this can trigger stress and make us emotional faster. To overcome this, try to make a priority scale and make a solution on that scale. Which one can we finish first, finish it, and which can be postponed, then make it the next scale?

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