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NASDAQ, which stands for the “National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations” is that the #1 screen-based electronic equities market within the US, and therefore the second-most important one within the world in terms of market capitalisation . NASDAQ grosses more trading volumes than the other stock market anywhere. So when the NASDAQ issues a suggestion or comes out with tips, you want to realize it. Recently, NASDAQ has published a report, where they need recommended how investors should perform an in depth research before buying a stock. NASDAQ recommends 12 steps for thoroughly analyzing a stock, and has named it the NASDAQ You can find more info about NSDAQ on

Revenue – This one’s quite simple, and it refers to the revenue earned by the corporate .

EPS – EPS or the Earning per Share may be a mathematical calculation that’s received by dividing the company’s earning by the entire number of stocks. The EPS of an honest stock is usually high, but also check whether the EPS is rising or not.

ROE – the entire profit or loss after taxation and interest, and divided by the stockholder’s equity. NASDAQ recommends those stocks where the ROE has risen for a minimum of the last two years.

Recommendations – What are the experts saying about this stock? Since they’re doing research all the time, it is sensible to seek out this out.

Surprises in earnings – Results are announced in each quarter, and analysts will always predict the earnings or the EPS for subsequent quarter. Now if you discover that the particular EPS is quite what was predicted, then you’ll conclude that this is often an honest stock to shop for .

Forecasted growth – While it’s important to seek out out the past earnings, you ought to also know what the experts are saying about the longer term growth prospects.

Growth in earnings – this is often a projection of the expected earnings growth over subsequent 5 years consistent with the stock analysts.

PEG ratio – The ratio is received by calculating the stock’s price, the EPS and expected growth of the corporate . NASDAQ is asking investors to select those stocks where the ratio is less than 1.

Industry earnings – The earning of the corporate must be compared with the opposite businesses within the industry to urge the general picture. If you discover that the corporate is doing better than the typical industry returns, then you ought to plow ahead and pick it up.

Days to hide – what percentage days will it deem the short sellers to urge their positions covered? this could in fact be supported the stock’s trading volumes.

Insider Trading – An analysis of whether the corporate insiders are buying the stock or not. If the managers are confident, they’re going to be buying the stock themselves.

Weighted Alpha – this is often an evaluation of the stock’s rise or go over time.