Choosing sturdy automatic wooden gates can help keep your home safe, while see-through automatic wooden gates keep children and pets inside. For a minimalist home automatic wooden gate, there are many choices of materials. One of the most popular is the wooden electric gates.

For those of you who are looking for inspiration for a minimalist home automatic wooden gate model, here are the choices:

Japanese automatic wooden gate

So that your minimalist home is more unique, you can build an automatic wooden gate with Japanese nuances. This automatic wooden gate is dominated by stone walls with greenery surrounding the house.

But at the entrance, combined with a wooden pergola. This wooden railing is reminiscent of the relaxing ancient architecture of Japan.

Wooden Gate with Stone Wall

The work of architect Jeffrey Gordon Smith on this one you can take as an example. The wood material is used as a wide and high gate, which is made of stone piles.

It looks so contrasting, between stone and wood. But the results are captivating.


Rustic architecture can also be applied in building a minimalist home automatic wooden gate. This rustic theme fits perfectly with the wood material, which accentuates the simple style.

This automatic wooden gate model can be made with a size that is not too high. For various sides of the automatic wooden gate, make a wooden arrangement with a motif such as a cobweb in dark brown shades.

Sturdy Wooden Gate

If you want maximum privacy for a minimalist home, this one automatic wooden gate can be emulated. Build a high automatic wooden gate around the house, then decorate it with ornamental vines until the entire surface of the wall is covered.

Meanwhile, at the entrance and exit, give a large and high wooden gate. Let the colour of the wooden gate remain natural brown.

Not only safe, but this automatic wooden gate is also aesthetic too. If there is little land, make a garden near the automatic wooden gate so that the feel of a minimalist home is more beautiful.

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